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Top 2 August 2017 Glenn Charls L. Buelis, RMT

Glenn Charls L. Buelis, RMT
University of the Immaculate Conception
Top 2 August 2017 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination

I was really eager to review in Manila prior to the board exams but time didn’t allow me to pursue it. Nevertheless, enrolling in ACTS Davao Review Center was never a mistake. ACTS provided us with high quality review program through their competent and talented mentors. Moreover, the span of the review was not just all about preparing us intellectually but they prepared us emotionally and spiritually. Their holistic approach in preparing us students for the 2-day exam gave us the confidence and the strong heart to withstand the mind-draining examination. ACTS made sure that we won’t feel alone in this journey; they supported and encouraged us all throughout.

In behalf of ACTS Davao reviewees, I thank ACTS Review Center for guiding us and for helping us reach our maximum potential. May God bless you always. To God be the glory!

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