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Top 5 August 2017 Hannah Mae R. Kamsa, RMT

Hannah Mae R. Kamsa, RMT
San Lorenzo Ruiz College of Ormoc
Top 5 August 2017 Medical Technologist Licensure Examination

Four years of struggles became four months of agony. But what I have got were lessons; not academically, but morally.
Be a medtech by soul, not by knowledge. When everyone’s view become distorted, keep your principle intact.
The adjective that precedes the medtech word is who we are, not the medtech itself. At the end of the day, it will all that matters.
Being respected as RMT is a pride, but being respected as good and wise RMT is a pleasure. Choose to be the latter. Choose to be more, than what is enough.
Failure only breaks you when you let it, so it’s the choice of letting it break you that cuts all hopes. How about keeping it under your feet, and using it as a ladder? After all, God granted us ropes for cliffs.

Never ever give up, for there is no one on top that never saw the bottom. The people you meet are all walking books. Some are bare, some are guarded. But they all have something to share: things that are meant to be mystery, and things that can guide us through. Have you ever wondered why the road towards that two-day exam became the most unbearable, yet the most unforgettable part? It is because those moments will always remind us of the choices that made us who we are now. Without those, nothing in the future is worth fighting for. What made me choose ACTS review center? They are radiating motivations; dream, and dream big, they will always say. With them, you will never be alone. More importantly, their exams are constant reminders that second chances are always a plus, not something to be ashamed of.

With these in a mirror, I passed, and I topped. It ain’t easy, but what is life without rocks and storms, eh? This is Hannah Mae R. Kamsa, wishing you well and faith, signing off. To God be all the glory!

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